Our services are tailored to meet today’s needs of global Recruitment industry it is flexible enough to adapt to changing market requirements.


We work with clients to sharpen their strategy, planning and implementation. We also assist them in problem solving. We help clients develop business skills and knowledge acquisition and management. We design business models and marketing plans and evaluate and suggest which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. We provide management consulting to help organizations improve performance and efficiency. We have subject matter experts in different management disciplines that support our clients to analyze their businesses and create solutions that are fit for purpose while also helping companies meet their goals. In addition, we provide access to global industry-specific specialists/consultants and subject-matter experts. .


We partner with companies or individuals in their quest to optimize their resources and maximize their returns by offering them information and guidance on important subject areas such as taxes, investments (e.g. Equity trading, Nigeria Treasury Bills (NTBs), Bonds amongst others) and insurance that support them to arrive at robust decisions. We work closely with clients to offer personalized specific financial advice on business/industry related matters as we focus on their financial needs of specific businesses or industries..


If you’re ready to simplify your HR management and administrative tasks, MGC is here to help. Save Time and Get the Support You Need MGC HR Team will work to understand your businesses’ unique needs to create a customized HR administration solution. When you work with MGC, you’ll be assigned a personal HR team who will be with you every step of the way. They’ll understand your needs, and be there to answer your questions when you call. Human Resource Solutions New Recruitment and Outsourcing process Customized Policy Development Employee Termination Guidance and Planning Employee Information Database Performance


An industry analysis is a business function that is usually carried out by business owners and other individuals to assess current business environment. This fundamental analysis helps businesses understand various economic activities in the marketplace, aim to properly situate themselves in a pivotal position and support the companies on how they may gain competitive advantage. We have professionals with the right skills, tools and techniques that facilitate clients’ understanding of their positions relative to their counterparts that produce similar products or services. The key point to business growth generally is that the understanding of the business climate in any industry is an important component of effective strategic planning. Thus, we hold strongly the “Porter’s Five Forces of Analysis” as we assist businesses in the area of analyzing the following: (i) Industry rivalry (ii) Threat of new entrants (iii) Threat of substitutes (iv) Bargaining power of suppliers (v) Bargaining power of buyers. .


MGC training programmes are designed to increase capacity, and improve practical knowledge and management skills within companies aiming to enter or improve their presence in international markets. Our programmes aim to improve the systems, structures and processes required to achieve ethical business goals of local and international companies with African based operations. We offer a range of training programmes that are invaluable to African based companies. Our training programmes cover general ethical trade awareness and compliance to global standards as well as address some of the most common areas of non-compliance. .


At Meeva Green Consulting, it is our belief that a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements is the beginning of our success in delivering on any project. As a result, our project approach is as follows;


This is an initial request from clients. This could be by phone, email, web chat or setting up a meeting via our online contact form. We shall respond promptly and thereafter, fix a meeting time.


This is an initial request from clients. This could be by phone, email, web chat or setting up a meeting via our online contact form. We shall respond promptly and thereafter, fix a meeting time.


we carry out the unique activities with the right skills, tools and techniques to complete the work defined by our client and satisfy their specification(s)/requirement(s).


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Our integrity and proficiency in designing systems to manage people has earned us an unparalleled reputation for quality in the services we provide. We specialise in key areas including strategy; people; transformation; technology services; and Learning Programme management..